As busy parents, keeping your home organized can be a job on its own. While most of us want to be organized, we find ourselves not being able to maintain an organized home. You know you want to organize your home but the question is, how do you organize it?  It can be very overwhelming if you have no clue where to start.  Organizing your home can be quite overwhelming.  

On Season one episode three of The Planning Parent Podcast, I sit down with Jennifer Martin from Reset Your Nest. Jennifer is a Utha native with four kids who grew up in a family with interior designers. Originally, Jennifer started Reset Your Nest as a small business with the goal to create beautiful and functional spaces. Reset Your Nest quickly became a flourishing company and now Jennifer dedicates herself to helping families create functional and organized homes. On this episode, Jennifer will give us tips and tricks on how to keep an organized home.  

Simple Tips  

We all want to have an organized and beautiful home but the question is, how do we start? We see pictures of beautiful and organized homes on social media but no one ever really gives tips on how start your organization journey. Jennifer gives up helpful tips on how to start your organizational journey  

Start small- When you see a picture of a beautiful pantry, you tell yourself, “I want my pantry to look like that” so you take everything out of your pantry without having the proper tools.  Or you pull everything out of your closet without having a plan in place. One suggestion Jennifer has is to start small. She gives the example of maybe you have an unorganized spice drawer. Start by organizing your spice rack. After you tackle one small task, you will feel more motivated and have more desire to continue. You will start to pick up momentum rather than starting off with a large task that feels too overwhelming.  


Jennifer talks about how systems are what overall, help your home stay maintained and organized. She says that it’s essential to “put your house at rest” at night. Setting aside time so that you and your family can organize the house is what will keep the house organized. Setting allotted time to clean the house might sound easier said than done, especially as busy parents, so Jennifer shares some tips on systems that have worked for her: 

  • Touch it once– If you have something in your hands, you don’t just set the item down. You take it to it’s final destination.  
  • 2 minute rule – Anything that will take less than two minutes to do, gets done right away. Example (putting shoes away, hanging up your backpack)  

Landing Ground  

As busy parents in a busy household, it’s natural for our house to get cluttered. One thing that I know a lot of parents (and I)  struggle with is a landing ground. A landing ground can be the corner of the living room, or maybe the top of the stairs. Either way this can be frustrating when trying to keep a clean home. Jennifer gives us a simple tip on how to organize those difficult landing ground spots. Jennifer advices that when you start to see a landing ground form in your house, simply add a basket that will garner all of the miscellaneous items that get put into that basket. Rather than having them in a pile, they will accumulate in the basket, which you can later put away when you reset your home. Rather than having a junk drawer, have a filling system. This way, your important papers won’t get lost, and you can easily access your important documents.  

Thinking about having your home organized? 

Having your home organized by a team of professionals might seem extremely scary and intimidating. Our homes are sacred and valuable spaces to us, and having people come into your home to organize everything, can understandably seem stressful. Jennifer gives us a quick overview of their organizational process. Jennifer states that it is essential for clients to know that her and her team have created a culture of no judgement. They know that having someone come into your home and completely re-do your home, is scary. The client is allowed to choose what they want to keep and are consulted throughout their entire process, to make sure their vision is met. Jennifer and her team focus on how their clients live and they want to provide functional and beautiful organization for their clients. Jennifer and her incredible team of organizers are ready to transform your home!  

Listen for more great tips! Connect with Jen on her website (​​ or on Instagram (@reset_your_nest). Mention the planning parent podcast and get 10% off virtual services. 

And remember.. be intentional when organizing your home!